Argan Oil Quality

There are varying qualities of cosmetic argan oil on the market, as evidenced by the wildly differing prices for oil sold on sites such as  There are several factors that are [...]

The Argan Extraction Process

In an effort to preserve the quality of argan oil on the market and control the rights to the usage of the argan name, Morocco has a plan to instigate a protected geographic indication for argan [...]

The Argan Process at Tazghilite

After the nuts are gathered, the nuts are weighed before being de-pulped and cracked. Each woman keeps a log noting the amount of nuts she has brought in.  She is paid on site for the nuts she [...]

The Women of Tazghilite

As is the case in several of the small remote villages I have visited in Morocco, Tazghilite is populated mostly by women.  The men of the village leave to work in the big cities of Casablanca, [...]

Fair Trade in Tazghilite

I had the extreme pleasure of visiting a Fair Trade argan producer in the tiny village of Tazghilite in the Anti-Atlas Mountains, two hours from Taroudant.  Instead of working in the traditional [...]

Cooperative Tilila One Year Later

On my visit to Cooperative Tilila one year ago, the women had no work because they could not afford to pay for their organic certification, necessary to sell oil internationally.  I was pleased [...]

Sweet Success

I was introduced to Fatima by my friend Afafe.  Fatima was widowed at a young age and left with four young children and debts to pay.  On her own, she started raising bees and selling the honey [...]