The beauty of sharing secrets

“Women helping women through shared beauty rituals” means not only bringing beauty traditions from other parts of the world to women in the West, but creating a community of women here who can [...]

Toxic Ingredients to avoid in Skincare

Many of our customers are already dyed-in-the-wool natural skincare users.   Others, are just making the switch.  For those of you in the second category, we at Kahina Giving Beauty know that [...]

Ritual Healing

I often talk about the importance of ritual in our busy lives, of taking the time to stop and take notice of what we consume and of being mindful of our actions.  Two weeks ago, I broke my [...]

And the winner is…

You can keep the January Jones’ and all the other starlets in their barely there dresses.  For my money, Helen Mirren and Tilda Swinton were the real beauties of the Golden Globes last [...]

Winter Beauty

A beautiful reminder of how Kahina stands up against the harsh winter elements as displayed in the Bergdorf Goodman 57th St. window.

Winterize Your Kahina Routine

New York is experiencing sub-zero temperatures, and with that bitter wind our skin is really feeling the burn! Winter is the most crucial time to take care of your skin.  Dry heat inside and cold [...]