DIY Argan Oil Mask

Before the big night tonight, our resident Esthetician, Jennie Hooker, recommends this simple treatment mask for glowing skin:  2 tbsp. argan oil 1 tbsp. Honey 2 tbsp. Yogurt 1/2 a banana (packed [...]

My Mantras for 2010

I often receive comments from people on how I inspire them.  The truth is that I am always taken by surprise when I hear this, since I spend most of my time stressed out by overcoming the daily [...]

A Look Back at 2009

It’s been quite a year.  It’s hard to believe that one year ago, we were just finishing up our packaging design and planning production.  We didn’t even have a product to sell [...]

Stones Into Schools

I am reading Greg Mortenson’s incredibly inspiring new book Stones Into Schools .  In his latest, the author of Three Cups of Tea talks about his most ambitious project – building [...]

Myrrhy Christmas

I love the scent of Myrrh. It’s slightly earthy, resinous, but sweet smell is mixed with additional essential oils in our Kahina serum, giving it a faintly exotic aroma. The Christmas lore [...]

Our new website design

We are thrilled to launch our newly remodeled web site. Beautiful and functional, the new site is designed to facilitate transactions and provide a more streamlined shopping experience for [...]

A Mother’s Spirit of Giving

The 25 year old son of the Head at our lower school in New York was killed in Afghanistan in January, 2009. This year, as every other year, the school held its annual winter concert on the last [...]

Argan Oil is Delicious

 Especially when it’s a cake!  Kate Sullivan of Lovin Sullivan Cakes brought this amazing chocolate replica of a Kahina Argan Oil bottle for our Kahina holiday party.  It was so lifelike [...]

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