Harnessing the Power of Bollywood

One issue that many good-hearted philanthropists face is breaking through the clutter of competing requests for money and time and making a particular cause felt in a meaningful, relevant way. [...]

Kahina Now Available in Berkeley, Ca

We are pleased to announce that Kahina Giving Beauty skin care can now be found at the beautiful and sleek Supple Integrative spa in Berkeley, California.  Founder Alison Supple-Evans carefully [...]

Argan Oil Remedy for Stretch Marks

Glamology.com provides a lovely do-it-yourself recipe for reducing stretch marks using Kahina Argan Oil: 1 part argan oil 1 part sweet almond oil 1 – 2 drops rose oil For the full article, [...]

Warding off the Jinns

I have just signed the contract with Fred Segal in LA.  When I call Majid (see my post http://kahina-givingbeauty.com/blog/light-of-the-prophet/) to tell him the news, he tells me what I need to [...]

Becoming Fearless About Our Looks

I just read the book “On Becoming Fearless,” by Arianna Huffington.  In her book she discusses the feelings of insecurity shared by so many women about their looks. Echoing my [...]

C Magazine

California’s glossy lifestyle magazine, C, highlights Kahina Giving Beauty Travel Basics and the story of Kahina.