Aarbia Amzil

Aarbia claims to be 70, but doesn’t know her age exactly. With no children of her own, Aarbia has adopted her 30 year old niece so that she has someone to care for her in her old age, but Aarbia [...]

Fatima Achkich

Fatima, who has two children she is raising on her own, has worked at the cooperative for 9 years. When I ask about her life, she tells me that she is happy, and that she especially enjoys the [...]

Ija Obella

Ija is one of the senior members of the cooperative at 80 years old. She has worked at the cooperative since it was founded 11 years ago. While her stern expression at first intimidates me, I [...]

Taarabt Benfenzi

Taarabt Benfenzi has worked almost 9 years at the cooperative, an obvious source of pride for her. Like many of the women, Taarabt’s husband is without work. Her income provides for the needs of [...]

Zahra Elkatim

Zahra, whose name means flower in Arabic, is a 61 year old widow with 7 children, one of which is physically handicapped. The money Zahra earns working in the co-op supports her large family.

Zahra Amarir

Zahra Amarir is married with 8 children. Before working in the argan cooperative, she did farm labor with her husband. She tells me it was very hard work and that she finds working in the co-op [...]

Zaima Imchurga

60-year old Zaima has worked at the co-op for 6 years. Zaima’s husband works on others’ farms as a hired hand, but, because there is no work for him now, they are both are grateful for her income [...]

Fatima Baskar

Fatima is married with 2 children. She tells me that her husband is a very good man, very supportive of her and proud of her for working in the co-op. Like the others, Fatima  takes special care [...]