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Get the Kahina Glow: Sara Jane Mercer Shows You How

In this video, Sara uses three Kahina products to revitalize and treat her skin. This three-step routine is the perfect at-home mini-facial, but can also be done before a big night out to get a glow and prep for make-up application. Enjoy!

Products in this video:
Kahina Antioxidant Mask
Kahina Serum
Kahina Eye Cream

About Sara: Sara Jane Mercer knows a thing or two about how to keep your body (including your skin!) in tip-top shape. A certified wellness and whole living expert, Sara shares her passion and knowledge via her blog, where you can find how-to videos on everything from the best way to seed a pomegranate to all-natural makeup tutorials with Rebecca Casciano.

Organic Home Spa: Cleansing Scrub for Oily/Combination Skin

Organic beauty expert, Jessa Blades, shows you how to exfoliate and balance your oily or combination skin with a homemade scrub, using Kahina Facial Cleanser, baking soda, and oatmeal.  Use this scrub twice weekly to remove any excess oil and dead skin after sun exposure. 

The avenanthramides in oatmeal help soothe and calm skin irritation, and saponins have a foaming effect, which help to lift oil and dirt from the skin. Baking soda boosts the effects of oatmeal, and neutralizes skin acidity, reduces redness and its antiseptic properties help heal and prevent skin from infection.  Its fine, but hard texture allows it to gently, but effectively, remove dead skin cells.

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3 Step Makeup Prep with Argan Oil

Jessa Blades, organic beauty expert and professional make up artist, shows you how to prep your skin for any special event.  Using Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil, Facial Lotion, and Eye Serum, Jessa is able to prepare a glowing canvas, ready for makeup and all the cameras!  The three-step regimen is so easy to do you won’t have to wait for your next wedding or big night out– try it anytime!

Organic Home Spa: Treatment Mask for Dry Skin

Jessa Blades, organic beauty expert, shows you how to make an organic, at-home face mask for dry skin.  No one denies the importance of maintaining hydration levels for all skin types.  Your skin can get dehydrated from travel, inadequate water consumption, exposure to the elements, etc. so use this mask once a week or whenever skin feels taut and needs a drink.  The avocados and argan oil are high in essential fatty acids & vitamin E, so this mask is particularly suited to dryer or mature skin types that need soothing, richer moisture.  We hope you enjoy!

Organic Home Spa: Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean your face with this gentle exfoliating scrub, as demonstrated by organic beauty consultant Jessa Blades.  Watch to see how you can prepare a simple, at-home cleansing scrub for normal skin types, featuring Kahina Cleanser + other common ingredients.

Organic Home Spa: Cleansing Scrub for Normal Skin

Try it! Like it? Let us know! Have any questions? We’d be happy to answer them here!

Debuting the Organic Home Spa with Jessa Blades


The Kahina product range is being used in facials by spas around the country.  Now you can learn some of the tricks of the spa trade using Kahina products and a few basic kitchen ingredients.  Jennie Hooker, an esthetician at the renowned International Orange spa in San Francisco and the expert esthetician on our Ask the Esthetician page developed six simple facial treatments using Kahina ingredients. We partnered with organic beauty expert Jessa Blades of Blades Natural Beauty to create videos featuring these customized recipes and some tips of her own. We are excited to roll out our organic at-home spa series and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Our first video is a treatment mask featuring strawberries to balance oily skin.  Watch below! Check back weekly for a new video showing you how to create at-home organic skin solutions.

About Jessa: A professionally trained make-up artist, Jessa founded Blades Natural Beauty so that women could “live healthy and look beautiful” by using high-quality products that contain safe- never harmful- ingredients. She styles clients for any occasion, from fashion shoots to weddings. Jessa’s repetoire includes, among other top organic and natural brands, Kahina Giving Beauty. Her knowledge, passion, and positivity make her an ideal representative of the natural beauty movement.

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