FEZ Perfume Oil

FEZ Perfume Oil

Tantalizing rose and orange blossoms are layered over the scents of antiquity; patchouli, vetiver and ylang-ylang with lingering hints of cumin and clove from the spice market. FEZ’s ethereal but lasting fragrance is an earthy, warm blend to calm the senses and ground the spirit.

• Based upon the scent of Kahina’s beloved FEZ Body Serum inspired by the sacred Imperial city of Fez, Morocco.
• Fragrance blend made from 100% steam distilled essential oils
• Stainless steel roller ball applicator

Exotic and sensual, the warm, grounding fragrance evokes the spirit of the ancient Moroccan city.

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• Roll on and reapply as desired.


a proprietary blend of pure steam-distilled essential oils in a base of certified organic simmondsia chensis (jojoba) seed oil

100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin; 88.73% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming


"It’s not floral or 'pretty' rather it’s spicy and earthy with a side of 'let’s make out.' Yes, that’s a note, according to me. More official notes are rose, ylang ylang, orange blossom with a heavy dose of cumin, clove, vetivier, sandalwood and a bit of grapefruit. Wearing Fez gives me a gritty energy that brings out an urge to discover. It activates my senses in a visceral way, more so than any other perfume I’ve worn." - Laurie, 312 Beauty FEZ Perfume Oil Review

"The fragrance equivalent of a hot cup of tea. The FEZ Perfume Oil is the perfect cold weather accessory, as it’s intoxicating blend grounds the spirit and soothes the mind. This feel-good blend is so much more than a fragrance, it’s a sensory experience." - Taylor, My Lucite Dreams FEZ Perfume Oil Review


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