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Our mantra: reveal beauty.



For centuries, the hard work of extracting oil from the nut of the argan tree has been performed by Berber women, the indigenous people of North Africa, many of whom live in Morocco’s argan region. The work is extremely labor intensive. It can take one woman up to eight hours to crack the nuts for one liter of oil. This labor provides the women with an opportunity for social and economic freedom that they would not otherwise have.

Most of these women cannot read nor write, so they use illustrative symbols to mark their identity. In 2008, on one of her many visits to the cooperatives, Katharine collected the marks and signatures of several of the women who extract the argan oil for her products. One such example is the five-pointed star—a key element in Arabic design that is drawn on the top of each Giving Beauty package. Encircled, this star is the emblem of the Moroccan flag.


“To me “reveal beauty” is a reminder to continually seek, appreciate and present beauty.  For Kahina Giving Beauty, this means continually seeking out simple, natural raw ingredients and finding inspiration from the individuals and traditions behind the work of farming, harvesting and extracting them.  It means finding grace in modesty, quiet in modernity, luxury in simplicity, elegance in aging.” – Katharine L’Heureux



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