My skin gets better every single day!

I am very excited to bring the line to Kansas City!  So far, it has done wonders for my skin!! II had been using harsh products for awhile for acne, and then switched to something more gentle, but nothing worked. My skin was so bad, that I couldn’t leave the house at times.  I had a severe case of cystic acne, yet I could not bear the thought of using oral and topical medications.  So I had been reading about your line and even though what I read had nothing to do with acne, I loved what the company stands for and the fact that you want to “give back.”  I researched argan oil and I was so intrigued by all of its healing properties– my skin was severely wounded. I figured that I had nothing to lose and maybe we’d end up with a great line on our shelves! My skin gets better every single day! People have been so surprised and even used the words “gorgeous” and “smooth” now!!! I really cannot wait to have it on our shelves. 

Amber, Owner, The Darling Room, Kansas City, MO

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