I have sat to write you so many times about how your products have impacted my life, but life kept getting in the way. This morning as I was applying the Kahina Argan Oil to my face, I realized this note could not wait any longer.

I am the queen of skin issues. I get eczema all over my face in horrible little patches that cannot be covered by make-up. My hands flake, crack and bleed constantly in the fall and winter with frequent outbreaks in the spring and summer. If I get a cold, two tissues in and my nose is sore, inflamed, cracked, bleeding, etc. This is just the a few that embarrass me the most.

On your recommendation, I started using a couple products from the Kahina line. I was in love at first touch. I was VERY hesitant to put oil on my face. I now put that oil on anyone who will let me. My eczema is gone!!! My face is as smooth as it was when I was a baby. My hands! Oh my hands! They are as soft as my toddlers. The best part is I would only put oil on my hands to apply to my face and still had incredible results. There is not one sign of eczema. It has been decades since I had no sign of eczema on my hands. Decades. This time of year with the seasons changing, my obsession with baking in the cool weather and washing hands constantly since my kids are back in school is the absolute worst for my hands. I would like to send you a before and after. Please let me know if you would like them.

I have a dreaded cold. Since I have next to no pigment in my skin, I turn bright red at anything: two jumping jacks, two tissues on my nose in one day, a playful slap. I have had a cold for 3 days and have used at least three boxes of tissues too far. My skin shows ZERO sign. My nose is not inflamed or cracked. I do not have dry flaky skin around my eyes from wiping the constant tearing. My husband who will only use a Dove bar soap on his face had flaky skin on his nose this morning. After much convincing, he put just a little Kahina Argan Oil on his nose and the difference was immediate. He is going away on business tonight and tried to take the bottle with him.

THANK YOU!!! I cannot wait to try more in the Kahina line. Christmas cannot get here fast enough.

With much love and appreciation,


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