Men love it too!

What I can tell you is that this is a beach house vacation. All day in the sun, sand and salt water followed by outdoor showers that include shaving without a mirror. After a few days, my face usually feels like leather left out in the sun too long. I’ve been using two or three tiny drops of the pure Argan oil on my face each night and my skin feels great. My face looks very tan but doesn’t feel weather beaten. My skin feels better than when I got here!
I applaud the packaging design because it reinforces how little of the product you need to use to get great results. Most packaging (like for sun tan lotion) seems designed to make sure you use more that you really need. The price per ounce makes this a luxury product but I am not sure that it is really all that expensive when you realize how little is needed to get the benefits.  

Mark M, New York, New York

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