Hooked to the Argan Glow


First things first: Kahina Giving Beauty is a an absolutely lovely and honorable brand. You have a customer for life – job well done with your social commitment and pure products.

On our way to the lazy seaside town of Essaouira my boyfriend and I made a spontaneous stop at an argan oil cooperative curious about this “liquid gold” I had just heard about in the NYTimes.  I’m not sure if we fell in love with the skin or tastebud benefits more that day– but I left with four bottles of each and have been a loyalist ever since.  When I ran out I found my new supply at NYC’s ABC Carpet (thank god, I was already planning my next trip to Morocco to pick up some more..!). Needless to say I am hooked to the argan glow.

A few tall glasses of water + a few drops of  Kahina’s pure argan oil are my go-to ingredient for supple skin. (Same for my boyfriend though he’d never admit it!)  Add Kahina’s commitment to the Berber women and you have a no brainer product.

I have three generations using it — my mama, me, and my 2 year old little niece. Does a body good!

-Katie Losey, New York, NY

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