Healing experience

I was fairly frantic when I called over to Kahina Giving Beauty about their products because I had just experienced a skin nightmare. Being celiac, I must be very careful about what products I use and a major brand (to be left unnamed) assured me their products were gluten free. However, they weren’t and I absorbed gluten through my tear ducts causing an extreme reaction with not only eye swelling and stomach illness, but my entire face was sensitive to touch.

It was with hesitancy that I tried the argan oil, however using only the cleanser and argan oil for a few weeks I’ve found my skin repaired. I’m grateful to the team who spent a tremendous amount of time reviewing ingredients for potential irritants and allergies.

Given this healing experience, I’m now going to try additional products

My advice to anyone with sensitive and fragile skin is to try these products, most especially the argan oil which immediately soothed my inflamed skin.

Many thanks.


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