Effective in the dry mountain air

As a new mother, I was concerned about the products that I was putting on my skin so I was trying to find an organic skin care brand that still met the same standards of the luxury skincare lines I’ve used before becoming pregnant and breastfeeding.  I recently moved to Colorado and was having a hard time finding skin care that would be effective in the dry mountain air.  I was delighted to discover Kahina, the creme and serum, which I’ve found to keep my skin healthy and moisturized. I love the nourishing feel of the oil. It is very refreshing without feeling greasy or too heavy and has a lovely and subtle scent.  I love that the product is natural and has been created with such care and mindfulness, so I don’t have to sacrifice the quality of my skincare and can feel good knowing what’s in it and where and who it comes from.

Amy K-G, Denver

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