[Argan Oil] IS A MUST HAVE! The women at Kahina are super, and this product is a miracle worker. My three year old and I have been sharing the bottle for our skin and hair. My coworkers keep giving me compliments about my new makeup, but it’s really just the improvement the Argan Oil has made on my complexion. Huge fan, even bigger believer. If there’s really something you’ve been saving your pennies for, use them for this because it’s the BEST!
My son has really bad eczema… a manifestation of his allergies, environmental and food related, and when the outbreaks are really bad, he uses the highest level of a topical steroid that can be given to a three year old, and when that doesn’t work, we have to use a week of prednisone to help him. [He] is also really allergic to pollen, and has a tree allergy that usually sparks this time of year. Since the Serum is oil based, and the ingredients are meant to reduce inflammation, calm irritation, prevent moisture loss, and repair tissue damage, I thought I would give it a try. I applied it to William at bedtime, and the following morning I almost cried. My child’s skin looked almost porcelain. Even my husband, who usually doesn’t notice, could not believe the difference. I now apply this to him every night, and I’m amazed and grateful that I found this company and this product.

– Eileen, Boston, MA

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