In their article entitled “Rebelles With A Cause”, Domino Magazine cites KAHINA™ as one of three organizations that prove style can have a social impact. “Kahina Giving Beauty [...]


Our belief in compassionate beauty begins with giving back to the Berber women of Morocco who work to provide our raw ingredients, but it doesn’t stop there. KAHINA GIVING BEAUTY is certified [...]

The Art of Formulating

As a partner in a family vineyard and winemaking business in the Napa Valley, I am intrigued by the similarities between making wine and formulating natural cosmetics. Both pursuits are grounded [...]

Inspired by Morocco, Made in the USA

  We love Morocco, its sights, sounds, scents, flavors and people.  And we source many of the high quality ingredients used in our formulations directly from there, including our Argan Oil, [...]

A Kahina Ritual For Summer

  We love summer but often the warmer temperatures and humidity call for a change in our skincare routine, especially if you have oily or acne prone skin.  Here are our recommendations for a [...]

My morning with Oprah Winfrey

  I’m bursting with pride over Grace’s college graduation last weekend.  As the festivities have died down and the dust settled, I continue to reflect on the words of the three [...]

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