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Kahina Facial Cleanser Makes Spirituality and Health Magazine’s Beauty 100. We’re making it our gift to you!

Beauty 100

We are thrilled to be among Spirituality and Health Magazines Beauty 100, its annual comprehensive list of the best in clean beauty in partnership with Insider’s Guide to Spas. Our Facial Cleanser is among the top ten Cleansers in the ever-expanding world of green skincare products.

To celebrate, we’re offering a free 30 ml Facial Cleanser with purchases of $50 or more. No code necessary. While supplies last, the option of “add to cart” will pop up when you’ve reached the $50 mark.  Shop our full selection of effective green skin and body care here.

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Click here to peruse the full Beauty 100 which includes top ten products in the categories of Bath Soaks and Soaps, Face Oils and Serums, Face Washes, Body Scrubs, Body Potions, Sun Care Products, Mists to Spritz, Hands and Feet, Eyes and Lips, and Natural Haircare.

Kahina Wins Madrid Award for Sustainability in the Premium and Luxury Sectors

Getting the IE award

I’ve just returned from Madrid where I had the extreme honor to be presented with the IE Award for Sustainability in the Premium and Luxury Sectors by Enrique Valera, General Director of Abadia Retuerta, one of the largest sustainable wineries in Spain. Kahina won in the Wellbeing, Beauty and Health category. The award, jointly organized by Fundación de Estudios e Investigaciones Superiores (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and IE Business School (Madrid, Spain), recognizes sustainability in privately owned luxury brands with attention given to best business practices, strategies, and innovations.

IE Award winners

I was humbled to be among this group of change makers in the fields of hospitality, fashion and jewelry. Other award winners and honorees include Looptworks, Campi Ya Kanzi, Gudren and Gudren, Petit H, Ethical Fashion Initiative, and Meche Correa.  The takeaway from IE Premium and Prestige Observatory Executive Director Marie Eugenia Giron is this: for luxury brands to speak to millennials, they must be authentic, provide value and experience.  Kahina scores points on all three!

With Pascal Moussard small

A true highlight was getting to spend time with the lovely Pascale Mussard, a sixth generation member of the Hermes family and founder of the brand’s sustainable offshoot Petit H. As she so eloquently stated, “I was given roots that go deep and wings to fly”.

Introducing our All-Natural Essaouira Perfume Oil

EssaouiraPerfume_Boxandbottle_inprogress copyWarmer temps are finally here and we’re ready for the lighter scents of the new season.  Following on the heels of our beloved FEZ fragrance, which Elle Beauty director adopted as her signature scent for winter 2016, we’re excited to introduce ESSAOUIRA, a perfume oil inspired by the breezy seaside village of Morocco and based on the scent of the Body Serum of the same name.

A 100% natural perfume oil made from a blend of pure steam distilled essential oils, the new Essaouira Perfume Oil is a fresh, crisp fragrance combining sophisticated floral notes with a hint of the exotic. Rose, lavender, herbaceous geranium and woodsy sandalwood provide a soft floral scent while petitgrain lifts and brightens, a combination that evokes the essence of the Moroccan port town.

Worlds collide in the blue and white washed coastal town of Essaouira (pronounced [es-uh-weer-uh]), just over two hours outside Marrakech. Essaouira literally translated means “beautifully designed.” It is a town rich in culture and beauty, merging 18th Century European design with the mysteries of Morocco, drawing in those seeking a more carefree, unhurried lifestyle with a boho vibe.

The travel-sized roll-on package is made of recyclable violet glass to block out damaging UV rays and preserve the natural ingredients inside. A fresh take on traditional Moroccan tiles and the indigo dye native to the region, the outer packaging was designed by our friend Amira Marion of Archive New York.

100% Natural 88.73% Certified Organic
Size: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. Oz

Kahina Argan Oil: How It’s Made

Did you know Kahina Argan Oil comes from the argan nut? Using two stones, Berber women working in cooperatives crack these argan nuts open to get to the fleshy interior. The fleshy interior is then cold-pressed to make our argan oil. The video above, shot by Kahina founder Katharine L’Heureux, shows this traditional process. The women often sing or talk while they crack the argan nuts. Other than a chance to gather together, the production of argan oil gives these women economic opportunities that they would not have had otherwise.

Giving Beauty Down Under


Just returned from Australia for the launch of Kahina Giving Beauty at the Mecca Cosmetica boutiques.  It was a crazy busy week, traveling across the vast country to train staff at 34 stores in just five days. Of course, the travel, time change, and change in climate wreaked havoc on my skin, but Kahina products rose to the challenge.  My love for the Toning Mist and Argan Oil were renewed on the long flight, and the Serum never failed to restore my skin and spirits on arrival.  It really is a wonder how a familiar and beloved skincare product can comfort and transport.  Mecca staff and Australian press were very responsive and we’re already starting to see great results.  Most importantly, it was incredibly gratifying to share the Kahina Giving Beauty products and message and to connect with some amazing women Down Under.  — Katharine

Kahina Facial Cleanser, Reformulated to Meet Certified Organic Standards

We are happy to announce that our beloved Kahina Facial Cleanser is now certified organic by Ecocert! The newly reformulated Cleanser features the same active ingredients including willowbark extract for anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, paypaya enzymes for gentle, non-abrasive exfoliation, and, of course, argan oil to replace lost moisture. The certification process required the replacement of the surfactant, which was processed using techniques that were not up to Ecocert (or our) standards. As a result, you may notice a difference in the texture and consistency from the previous version. We at Kahina Giving Beauty strive to provide the most effective skincare using only the highest quality ingredients. We won’t settle for less. Neither should you.

Kahina in Boston!


Last week we had the opportunity to visit two of our Boston retail locations- Exhale Spa at Back Bay and Exhale Spa at Fairmont Battery Wharf, where we got a tour of this newly opened location.  Battery Wharf is located in Boston’s Italian North End and sits on the water with a view of the bay.   The yoga and Core Fusion studios are spacious and calming, with dark hardwood floors.

If we had had more time, we would have spent it in the Hammam, detoxifying in the ambient heat provided by the hammam’s hot stone.  The Exhale Battery Wharf Pure Hammam Therapy includes a body cleansing, scrub and aromatherapy in the relaxing space.

It was a pleasure to connect with the welcoming staff at both locations.  We hope to be back soon!

You can experience Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil in Exhale’s facial treatments.  You’ll leave glowing and dewy- perfect before any special occasion.

Kahina and Katharine in Hong Kong

katharine meets the press in Hong Kong

I was nervous about traveling to Hong Kong from New York for my scheduled training of the Kahina line and interviews with Hong Kong press at the prestigious Joyce stores.It wasn’t the long flight or the challenges of foreign travel, and certainly not meeting the Joyce executives who had been so kind in our email conversations.I was nervous because of Asian women’s skin – I had been told that Asian women prefer to take multiple steps (seven was the number that was conveyed to me) to achieve their skin ideal.Rarely does one of these steps include an oil.In truth, I was somewhat intimidated by the idea of these porcelain beauties and their elaborate beauty rituals, and worried that my philosophy of simple and meaningful beauty based on argan oil would not resonate with them.I typically advise people to layer and combine our products according to skin type and/or season.How would these women respond?

To my pleasant surprise, these women, both the salespeople in the store and the press, all who are very knowledgeable about skincare, received Kahina with enthusiasm.  It was great fun to compare our beauty rituals (many of them told me that they personally don’t undertake seven steps at all) and a joy for me to connect the women of Morocco to the women of Hong Kong.

My sincere thanks goes to the women of Joyce and Lane Crawford stores for their incredibly gracious hospitality.

Letter from India

Rebecca Kousky, the dedicated and tireless founder of Nest, and our partner in creating the Kahina Giving Beauty gift bag, has recently returned from India where she paid a visit to the women who are sewing and blockprinting the cosmetic bags.  The letter from her that follows is a reminder of the important part we can all share in making a difference in these women’s lives.


It was the first time that I had visited the redlight district. We work with two groups of women. One is a group of seamstresses. The second, further buried into the city, is the block printing workshop. That is where the girls who were trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh go when they are first pulled (during raids) from the brothels. The girls there are at such risk that it is a hidden location. Our photos can’t show the girls faces – they are too terrified.

The seamstresses are actually prostitutes by choice. If you can call it a choice. The poverty was and is so desperate that most of the women openly say that they have to go back to the brothels if they cant get enough orders to sustain a job.  Most have kids. Many still live in the red light district. Mix trying to earn income outside prostitution with prostitution (when necessary). Many are raising daughters in that environment. It has become generational now. Prostitute women raise prostitute daughters – doubling the money for their brothel (slave) owners.

But, we are committed to doing our part, in our small way to change that.  And, your orders will directly assist us with that.

Very best + thank you for helping these girls.


Growing Pains

We’re growing up.  After a long wait for our much-anticipated launch of the Kahina Toning Mist, Kahina Giving Beauty is experiencing our first “recall.”  Due to a defective pump, we have had to temporarily pull the product from the market. Rather than “misting” as its name would imply, the solution sprays out in a direct blast. While the formula is in tact – we love it – and works great sprayed onto a cotton pad, we can’t in good conscience offer it to customers falsely advertised as a Mist.

I know you will all love it as much as we do when we finally release this product in the state it was intended. We appreciate your patience. Of course, for our eager early-bird customers who already purchased this product, we will send you a replacement as soon as we get the products with replacement pumps back in stock.

Free shipping in the US with orders over $75.