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Kahina throw rugs hand-loomed by the women of Kahina in Morocco

presenting the rug edited

In May of 2011, on a trip to visit my argan supplier in a remote village high in the Mid-Atlas Mountains, I was shown the weaving cooperative in the village, where the women who crack the nuts for our argan oil were learning to weave rugs as a way to make extra money. The following year, Kahina donated money to buy sheep in order that the women would have wool to use for their weaving. In 2013, on a return trip to the village, I was presented with a beautiful hand-loomed rug decorated with the Kahina circle and star graphic. My rug has lived beside my bed warming my feet and heart ever since.

Kahina Berber Rug


Earlier this year, I asked the women to weave me more rugs exactly like the one they presented to me three years ago. I am thrilled to now offer these exclusively on SHOP NOW.

Each 2’ x 4’ rug is hand-loomed using virgin sheep’s wool and natural dyes by the Berber women of the weaving cooperatives who also do the work of cracking the nuts for our argan oil.

Special Fundraiser for Education For All – 100% of Sales from Necklaces Through Dec. 21

Red Pouf On Blue Bag

Education For All, Morocco, helping girls in rural Morocco go to school, is hoping to raise money to provide a solar powered water heating system for their newest boarding home for girls. Through December 21, ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of our Pouf Necklaces will be donated to aid them in this initiative. By investing in clean energy, the organization helps to protect the environment while setting an example for the community and providing warmth through the winter for 36 girls.

Our Kahina Pouf Necklaces are hand made by Berber women in the region and come in a colorful hand-loomed cactus fiber pouch. Please help us raise money for Education For All by purchasing one of these unique gifts for yourself or someone you know. Alternatively, you can make a donation by visiting them directly at

Red Pouf Necklace on Model

New Additions to Living Beauty

Kahina Living Beauty Shawl

We’re thrilled to announce an expanded presence of our Living Beauty section on the Kahina Giving Beauty website with the addition of our new scarves and shawls.  Woven from sustainable cactus fiber on giant cedar looms by a 17th generation family of weavers in Fez, Morocco, these accent pieces are versatile as well as durable, drawing on the Morocco’s lush palette of colors.

We’re also offering some fabulous new varieties of our beloved pouf necklaces.  These are sold in beautiful pouches made by the same artisans as those who make our scarves and shawls.

Shop now at Kahina Living Beauty.

Kahina Grape Pouf Necklace




Fatima weaves and sews our Berber Wedding Blankets and Pillows

Moroccan Wedding Blankets are a Berber tradition.  Woven by groups of women with the bride before her wedding, the wedding blankets and pillows are embroidered by hand as part of the brides dowry and are meant to bring good luck to the bride and prevent against the evil eye.  The gathering of women also provides an opportunity to share matrimonial advice with the bride-to-be.  I traveled to the village of Meryrte, approximately 2 hours from Fes in the Mid-Atlas Mountains, to buy our blankets and pillows from Fatima and her daughter.  On my first visit to Fatima’s home in October, they were working together on the dowry for her daughter, an exquisite work of embroidery and beading photographed below.  On my recent visit in January, Fatima’s daughter had already moved in with her new husband to begin her new life.

Pillows are available on  Berber Wedding Blankets are also available to order in many sizes; please email for sizes, pricing, photos, and to place your order.

Fatima and Khadija(1)

 Fatima and her daughter Khadija with Khadija’s wedding blanket

Kahina Living Beauty Debuts at High Falls Mercantile

Cactus Fiber and Camel Hair Throw

We are thrilled to announce that select one-of-a-kind Kahina Living Beauty items are now available at High Falls Mercantile in Upstate New York.  I’m a huge fan of this store offering casual country elegance in High Falls curated by the charming and affable Larry Ruhl.

I traveled to Morocco and hand-picked this selection of pillows, throws, fabrics and baskets just for High Falls Mercantile.  In keeping with Larry’s esthetic, tones are earthy set off by pops of color in accent pieces.  Larry shares Kahina’s respect for the artisanal, and each piece is made by hand by artisans in Morocco. I encourage you to stop by and pay a visit if you are ever in High Falls.  

Shop online at Kahina Living Beauty’s High Falls Mercantile boutique.

Free shipping in the US with orders over $75.