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Kahina Night Cream Gets a Face Lift

We’ve changed the name of our bestselling Night Cream to Kahina Face Cream.  With the same nourishing ingredients and actives that defend against signs of aging, and with the same rich yet absorbent texture and fragrance, this product is suitable for daytime as well as nighttime use.

Because you can’t have too much of a good thing.
“This is THE moisturizer to have in my book and in fact when people ask for recommendations on a good, clean moisturizer, this is the one I’ve been recommending. …Not only do I think this is one of the best products in the green beauty world, I would consider it to be one of my favorite products in general. Clean, proven ingredients and wonderful results make this a winner.” – The Beauty Idealist

“I am LOVING the night cream. MAGICAL!” – Jessa Blades, Make-Up Artist and Natural Beauty Expert

“I LOVE IT!! Not greasy or heavy, yet incredibly moisturizing. Exactly what I would expect from you guys. A top notch product that I cannot live without!!” – Sherri Edens

“Easily the most amazing skincare product I have EVER tried. As soon as I had rubbed this into my skin, MAGIC. Pure Magic. I have really red, super sensitive, oily awful skin. This immediately calmed all the redness out of my face and wasn’t greasy at all yet still a thick moisturizer. It smells like chamomile in the most soothing way. I normally do not say this about anything- ESPECIALLY anything this expensive but at $105 it’s actually worth it. It’s been on my skin less than an hour and it’s done amazing things. Things that no other skincare item has ever managed for me.” – honeyandthemoon, via Instagram

“If there’s one thing you need to know about Kahina Giving Beauty’s Night Cream, it is this: it is nothing like any other night cream you’ve ever tried before. Why? The main reason being is that it is incredibly smooth and light. Yep, that’s right, light. Whenever I think Night Cream, I picture a heavy cream that will sit on my face for the entire night, hydrating it, but not really allowing my skin to breathe, which is the exact reason why I don’t usually use one. This cream is the polar opposite; so soft to the touch and spreads so easily, it’s a true joy to use.” – The Green Product Junkie

“The beautiful texture alone would be enough for me to love this cream because a rich moisturizer that does not clog/irritate my skin has not been easy to find. So far I have been loving the results, because every morning my skin looks smooth and supple,with no excess sebum on my forehead and nose. If you are looking for a good night-time treatment and you like the idea of a light, quickly absorbed cream, this is totally worth trying. It has a luxury price tag, but it delivers and you get a lot of use from one jar because you need so little product for each application.” – Genuine Glow

“The cream is a cream-colored, fluffy mousse that smells divine. For a few days, I massaged it into my face after washing for a relaxing ritual that was enhanced by its smell. It’s moisturizing, but not too heavy, so that I feel comfortable laying my head down on the pillow right afterward. My skin drank it up.” – Alden Wicker,

Massage onto face and neck  after cleansing.   Layer over oils for additional hydration.  Shop Kahina Face Cream here

Try Our New Moisture Mask and Provide Needed Healthcare for Immigrant Farmworkers in the Napa Valley


We believe in giving back to the people who work to provide the raw ingredients at the heart of our line.  Historically, this has meant aiding the women of Morocco who do the hard work of extracting our argan oil.  To launch of our Moisture Mask, which contains resveratrol from red wine grapes, we have decided to donate to a cause closer to home.  Specifically my home in the Napa Valley, Vine Hill Ranch.

With the reversal of Obamacare and stricter immigration policies under the current administration, the Napa Valley, with its reliance on migrant workers to serve its core industries (farming and hospitality), finds itself at the center of issues surrounding affordable healthcare and immigration.

  • Immigrants make up 23% of the Napa Valley population
  • Immigrants make up 33% of the workforce in the Napa Valley
  • 73% of immigrants in the workforce work in agriculture
  • Only 30 percent of Napa’s immigrants become citizens
  • More than 300 people have been deported from Napa County since 2010 under the past federal immigration policy; 73 percent had a misdemeanor conviction or no conviction.  Obviously, this number is expected to grow under the Trump administration.
  • Among adults, 46 percent of immigrants have less education than high school; 60 percent are not proficient in English.

OLE HEALTH in Napa provides a range of healthcare services to the community regardless of ability to pay, no questions asked.  Founded in 1972 as Clinic Olé to serve the Latino speaking community of farmworkers and their families, OLE HEALTH offers reproductive care, nutritional and behavioral therapy, dentistry, pediatrics and more to a growing community of underinsured and uninsured people.   Kahina is donating $1 for each Moisture Mask sold to OLE HEALTH through 2017.

OLE HEALTH development director Rachel Cusick recounted the story of a woman who had recently lost her husband and went to work in the fields to support her family.  The OLE HEALTH team went to her in the grape fields to provide the guidance and resources she needed to take care of her and her family, including health care for her family, resources for food, and a provider who understood what she was going through and could communicate with her in her native language.

“Her story is so similar to others who work in Napa Valley to pick grapes every day in a community that is unfamiliar to them, they are scared to seek help and can often feel hopeless.  If left untreated, many of the farmworkers resort to alcohol abuse or worse to help alleviate the depression of being so far away from home without their families. OLE Health is there to be there in their time of need and help them get back on their feet,” says Rachel.

The statistics above were obtained from a study by the Napa Valley Community Foundation on Napa Valley Immigrant Population.

Shop our Moisture Mask here and show your support for OLE HEALTH or donate directly here.




A Kahina Routine for Healthy Winter Skin

Grace L’Heureux. Photo by Wyatt Hackett

With cold winter temperatures upon us, our skin needs extra TLC.  As the chill and wind create tiny cracks in our skin, it is left less able to protect itself, leading to a loss of hydration and increased inflammation. To combat the effects of falling temperatures, give skin special pampering with super hydrating and soothing products that reduce irritation. The following are our recommendations for a winter skincare routine to keep skin healthy and glowing until spring.

1. Cleanse: It is especially important now to use a gentle cleanser without harsh exfoliants or detergents that will strip your skin of its natural oils. Kahina Facial Cleanser is a gentle, delicately scented milky cleanser with anti-inflammatory willow bark extract, argan oil to replenish moisture, and papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate skin.

2. Calm and prep: Kahina Toning Mist is an aloe vera based formula with calming rose and anti-inflammatory aspen bark extract as well as sodium hyaluronate to reduce inflammation and provide gentle hydration. Perfect for prepping skin for oil application and to mist on face throughout the day in over-heated offices.

3. Brighten: As our skin becomes paler, dark spots are more noticeable. Even skin tone and boost radiance with our Brightening Serum.  This lightweight formula contains Japanese seaweed to reduce hyperpigmentation and white lily to inhibit melanin production for a luminous complexion.

4. Nourish: Kahina Serum is our most nourishing oil blend, recommended for dry, mature skin. Argan and prickly pear seeds oils combine with seabuckthorn seed oil, carrot seed oil, pomegranate and coffee berry to provide skin with a hefty dose of antioxidants and vitamins E, A and K as well as light sun protection.  The grounding scents of ylang ylang, neroli and myrrh offer aromatherapy benefits.

5. Eyes: A richer eye treatment such as our Eye Cream works to moisturize and firm the eye area and reduce fine lines and wrinkles without being greasy. For even more moisture and to minimize dark circles, apply prickly pear seed oil underneath the Eye Cream with our convenient prickly pear seed oil rollerball.

6. Treat: Our new Moisture Mask deeply hydrates, soothes and smooths skin. Use this as a simple face mask by applying and leaving on for approximately 20 minutes. Let it absorb into skin before wiping off excess with a warm damp cloth. Or leave on overnight and wake up with a soft, even-toned complexion.

7. Moisturize: For daytime, follow the Moisture Mask with our Facial Lotion to prime skin for makeup, seal in moisture and protect against environmental factors, including pollution and UV rays.

8. Lips: Treat chapped lips with our healing Lip & Face Balm featuring calendula, immortelle, carrot seed oil, seabuckthorn seed oil and mango butter.

9. Exfoliate: Twice weekly, slough off dull skin with our exfoliating Antioxidant Mask.  Rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco works to draw impurities from the skin while restoring collagen; Argan Oil replenishes moisture; and eucalyptus and mint provide healing aromatherapy benefits.

Et voila!  The radiant, even-toned and nourished complexion you’ve been seeking.

Winter meets its match with our new Moisture Mask


Introducing our most luxurious product yet, Kahina Moisture Mask is a rich treatment mask that deeply hydrates, refines skin tone and texture and reduces redness.  Combining the anti-aging properties of red-wine grapes with the moisturizing and reparative properties of argan and prickly  pear seed oils in a creamy base with a lightly floral scent, this is the decadent experience that your skin will thank you for this season.

Increase skin’s water reserves to plump skin and improve barrier function with avena strigosa and a naturally occurring unique sugar compound. These combine with powerful ingredients that deliver essential fatty acids and potent antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that contribute to signs of aging:

  • Red wine grape extract with resveratrol – polyphenols provide powerful protection against skin aging
  • Prickly pear seed oil – Vitamin K brightens skin, Vitamin E repairs damage, antioxidants prevent skin aging and wrinkles
  • Mushroom extract – soothes skin and reduces redness
  • Sodium hylauronate – Draws moisture deeply into the skin
  • Aspen bark extract – anti-inflammatory to soothe irritation
  • Hordeum distichon and melissa offincinalis – powerful free radical scavengers

Scented with rose, geranium, lavender, neroli, blue tansy and sandalwood to relax and calm.


The mask is phenomenal!  I’m serious.  I’ve tried so many moisturizing masks and this one really, really made such a difference.  Congratulations on this, Katharine.  Fantastic job.  I’ll be recommending this like crazy.
— The Green Product Junkie

Just in time is this new release from Kahina Giving Beauty, their luscious Moisture Mask.  I could not be more thankful to them for sending this to me for review.  Normally I wait a few weeks until I decide if I love a product, but after just one use, I am crazy for this pot of skin soothing gold.  When I applied it to my face this morning, my skin just drank it up.  I left it on for probably 20 – 25 minutes, wiped off the excess with a warm damp cloth and then warmed two pumps of Kahina’s Facial Lotion and two drops of Pai Skincare BioRegernate oil in my hands and put that all over my face and voila!  Ready to take on the cold with a plump and hydrated visage.
— Scent Hive

The Moisture Mask is amazing in transforming the skin’s texture plus improving the appearance of the skin.  Outstanding!!
— Former SVP Brand Development, REN Skincare


Apply a thick layer onto face, neck and around the eye area after cleansing.  Leave on for 15 minutes, then massage in and remove excess or leave on overnight for a deeply nourishing treatment.  Layer over oils for additional hydration.



Kahina Serum gets a boost


Our cult favorite gets a boost with the addition of Prickly Pear Seed Oil to its vitamin-packed ingredients. The addition of Prickly Pear Seed Oil to our beloved Serum makes this oil blend even more amazing!

Moisturizes skin, reduces redness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and offers protection against UV damage.

Loaded with vitamins K and E and essential fatty acids, Prickly pear seed oil has been shown to brighten, hydrate and reduce inflammation that can damage collagen, effectively preventing skin aging and wrinkles. In our Serum, it is combined with proven restorative ingredients including:

Carrot seed oil – offers natural spf, nourishes, tightens and rejuvenates skin
Pomegranate extract – effective in cell regeneration, UV protection, and anti-aging
Seabuckthorn seed oil –rich in vitamins C and A, promotes skin elasticity and cell regeneration
Coffee berry extract – rejuvenates aging skin while combatting UV damage
100% pure argan oil – rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids to heal and prevent free radical damage

Our Serum still has the same seductive fragrance – neroli, ylang ylang and myrrh make this effective oil blend a truly transcendent experience.


Our Gift to You – a Complimentary Rosemary Lavender Soap with your purchase of $50 or more

Kahina Rosemary Lavender Argan Soap

Through December 30, receive a free Kahina Rosemary Lavender Soap with your purchase of $50 or more. The perfect stocking stuffer or gift for yourself.

• Antioxidant-rich argan oil with olive, coconut and shea oils leaves skin soft, smooth and moisturized
• Coarse-ground rosemary polishes skin and stimulates circulation
• Fresh scents of rosemary and lavender uplift and invigorate with natural antiseptic properties
• Paper wrap inspired by Moroccan tile designs and created by Archive New York

This Argan Soap cleanses, exfoliates and conditions for a supple, toned finish.


No code necessary.


Kahina for Beauty Heroes – Giving is Beautiful

Photo by TLV Birdie

Photo by TLV Birdie



We are huge fans of Jeannie Jarnot and her fresh and intelligent approach to the subscription box, offering full size products from one brand per month in her Beauty Heroes monthly mailing. Jeannie’s prior career in the Spa industry gives her the knowledge and experience to bring an informed opinion to the curation process and she has established herself as a thought leader in the green beauty world. We were thrilled that our Eye Serum was selected as a Hero for last year’s September box. This year, we are over the moon to be selected for a very special 13th discovery box.



The theme of the special edition box is “Giving Is Beautiful” and we couldn’t agree more. The box includes a full sized Beldi Soap and kessa mitt, with a travel size of our Essaouira Body Serum and a Essaouira perfume oil sample. The perfect gift for someone special. Jeannie and Beauty Heroes are also donating to one of our favorite causes, Education For All, Morocco, so If you decide to keep it for yourself, you can still know that your purchase is making someone very happy.



Kahina Giving Thanks

Photo by Antillia Dufourmantelle

Photo by Antillia Dufourmantelle

Thanksgiving is upon us – a time when we celebrate and share abundance in our lives.   At Kahina Giving Beauty, we have much to be thankful for. We acknowledge and thank those people who work to create our products and keep Kahina running smoothly: from the women who harvest and crack the argan nuts in Morocco, to our chemist and production team, and the small group in our office and in the warehouse who take your orders and get your products to your door. We are grateful to you, our customers. Thank you for your support, encouragement and kindness in helping us to build this brand. We know that without you, we wouldn’t exist.

Gratitude, appreciation, humility and the wise use of resources – these are some of the most valuable lessons I have learned from my time spent with the Berber women of Morocco over the past nine years.   There has never been a more apt time to live up to these ideals than Thanksgiving 2016. I recently stumbled across this article on the Fifteen Principles of Thanksgiving by Peter Breggin, M.D. for The Huffington Post. A couple points particularly resonated:

Gratitude is the antidote to self-pity… It takes little imagination to know how much worse it has been for other people in previous ages and in other places. Be grateful for this life.

 Everything good requires courage. Find the courage to love, to be grateful, and to live by sound ethics. Especially be brave enough to speak when you are afraid

Read on for the full article:

  1. Love is joyful awareness. Love life—people, animals, nature, gardening, art and music, sports and exercise, literature, God—anything and anyone that brings you a joyful awareness of the wonder of being a living creature.
  1. Gratitude satisfies the spirit. Be grateful for all that you love and if you cannot think of anyone or anything that love, then be grateful you still have a chance to love. Be especially grateful for the opportunity help and to serve other people and good causes.
  1. Gratitude is the antidote to self-pity. Feeling sorry for oneself is ruinous. Especially don’t fall into believing that we live in the worst of times. It takes little imagination to know how much worse it has been for other people in previous ages and in other places. Be grateful for this life.
  1. Ethics guide the good life. Put ethics and principles above pleasure, convenience, safety, income, career, your presumed place in the world, and the way others view you. Living a principled life is the key to a satisfying life.
  1. Everything good requires courage. Find the courage to love, to be grateful, and to live by sound ethics. Especially be brave enough to speak when you are afraid.
  1. Dare to seek romantic love. Abiding love for a partner in life is the nearest we get to heaven this time around.
  1. Make a living by doing something that you love. Many people find a way to do it. Your occupation should feel like a privilege, a pleasure, and an opportunity to serve.
  2. Approach every single challenge in life with determination to master it. Otherwise you won’t handle it. Feeling helpless in the face of adversity is a prescription for failure. Deciding to take on the challenges is a prescription for self-satisfaction and makes success more likely.
  1. Don’t hide from or stifle your painful emotions. Feeling pain signals that there is something wrong in your life that needs immediate attention. Invite your painful emotions to tell you everything they can about what you really want out of life. All psychoactive substances, from illegal drugs to psychiatric medications, suppress our real emotions and should be avoided, especially in time of suffering and fear when we especially need to know what we are feeling.
  1. Reject being labeled with a psychiatric diagnosis like depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety. There are no “psychiatric disorders;” only life disorders. All of us have to struggle, to go through hard times, and to find a way of becoming more in control of our emotions and more successful in our actions.
  1. Don’t think of yourself as a survivor. Intending to survive guarantees little more than getting by. Think of yourself as some who intends to triumph.
  1. Forgiving other people liberates us from hate. You won’t get even by hating, you’ll get miserable, bitter and spiritless. Take care of yourself by forgiving, and if necessary by avoiding hurtful people, but don’t waste a minute hating.
  1. Seek a worthwhile life rather than happiness. The search for happiness will distract you from what matters and even make you crazy. Happiness is often a matter of luck—the way we are shaped by childhood, where we happen to be born, health, and circumstance.
  1. No one knows the meaning of life but it’s certain that life is best lived with love, gratitude, ethics, courage, and a determination to give it your best effort. A sense of worth is guaranteed and happiness will often tag along as well.
  1. Let your spirit be touched, and touch the spirit of others, with love.


Morocco’s tradition of gifting

Rania Soussi Temli

Rania Soussi Temli

The holiday season is almost upon us and our attention turns to securing the perfect gifts for friends and family. In Morocco, the gifting ritual is important all year long. We sit down with our newest Kahina team member, Rania Temli, to discuss the importance of gifting in Morocco.

As a pure Berber born in the South of Morocco and who grew up in Tangier, I was raised in a culture where expressing gratitude and appreciation is second nature. In Morocco, gift giving is intertwined with Islamic traditional belief. In Islam giving a present is one of the best ways to show love, respect, honor and appreciation towards another person. For this reason, people really value the concept of gifting. If you are invited to a traditional Moroccan family’s home, you will most likely be given a lot of food and a ‘thank you’ gift for coming and accepting the invitation. A guest might receive olive oil, sugar cones or tea. Likewise, it is very appreciated for a guest to bring a gift to the hosts as a symbol of “thankfulness” or “A Choukr” in Moroccan. Typical hostess gifts are nuts, pastries, or flowers.

Join us in welcoming Rania to our Kahina family. She will be at ABC Home in New York City on Friday afternoons. Who better than Rania to help you find the perfect Kahina gift for someone you love?

Andrea’s Fall Beauty Routine


Meet Andrea Lee, Kahina’s Manager of Operations. If you’ve called to place an order or with a question about our products, you probably already know how sweet and helpful she is. In addition to her naturally upbeat disposition, she has enviable glowy skin and shiny hair that always seems perfectly coiffed, even on ponytail days. Read below for Andrea’s personal beauty routine and Kahina favorites.

As summer transitions into fall, I’m sure of two things:

1. Wedding season has finally come to an end
2. Wellness & skincare changes are in order

While New Years Eve/Day marks the end and beginning of the year, in my mind, fall is the true restart button. It’s the perfect time to repair my body and skin after a busy, sun-filled season. Being as fair-skinned as I am, I spent the last 3.5 months coating my body (especially my face!) in sunscreen. Now, I make a point to exfoliate my body and face multiple times a week to get rid of the dead skin, cleanse, and improve overall skin tone. I love coffee in any and every form. I want it in a large mug and on my body. I recently made my own scrub out of Kahina Argan Oil and coffee grounds – Its ability to help diminish cellulite when applied topically, improve blood flow and make skin glow has me incorporating it into my routine in every way possible.


On my face I’ve been using the Kahina Giving Beauty Antioxidant Mask 3x a week, followed immediately by the Toning Mist. I follow with the Brightening Serum to help take care of any sun damage and discoloration that may have occurred during the summer. October in New York requires extra-moisturizing products for my skin due to the decreasing temperatures and finicky seasonal changes. Time to step up the hydration! I have normal/dry skin and have been using the Kahina Giving Beauty Night Cream during both the day and night as well as the Eye Cream. The face serum has been my favorite, “can’t live without, go-to product”. I use it in the morning and in the evening, and also put a few drops into my cream for extra moisture. The serum is my everything.


Wellness emerged as an October priority. So far, my summer-fall wellness transition has been slow. But, I’ve started incorporating green smoothies into my diet multiple times a week (which, let’s be honest, should be a year-round practice…) and had my comeback to yoga at Yoga To The People. I’m a seasonal runner and am partial to cooler temperatures. I only run during fall, winter and spring and once summer begins, I [temporarily] retire my running shoes until the temperatures drop. I live a short walk away from Central Park, so exploring all of the paths has been an incredible running adventure so far. Exercise is known to improve circulation, so hopefully the post-workout glow and healthy habits will stick!


Free shipping in the US with orders over $75.