A Spring bouquet for you

Our sublimely scented body products with leave your limbs silky smooth and ready for summer. KAHINA™ “Essaouira” Body Serum It’s back!  A spring and summer favorite! A [...]

Spring Cleaning

Put your best face forward with our radiance boosting skincare ritual 1. KAHINA™ Antioxidant Mask Shed dull winter skin with this gently exfoliating Mask.  Rhassoul Clay acts as a physical [...]

Shower Mom with Roses

Don’t just give Mom roses this year.  Transport her to Morocco, while you’re at it.  Read the reviews for our Moroccan Rose Beldi Soap and Moroccan Rose Water. KAHINA™ Moroccan Rose [...]

The KAHINA™ Double Cleanse

Spring is here at last.  While we love the sunshine and additional time spent outdoors, we don’t love the grimy residue that sunscreen leaves on our skin.  If you are wearing a lot of [...]

15,000 trees and counting

At KAHINA, we take our environmental impact seriously.  Since our inception 10 years ago, we have made it a priority to provide the highest quality products with minimal environmental cost.  We [...]

Introducing KAHINA™ Oil Cleanser

“To celebrate the 10 years since our founding, I wanted to launch something really special that would become an iconic part of the KAHINA™ line for years to come.  In honor of our [...]


While the calendar says its spring, the weather isn’t always cooperating.  As we straddle cold winter days and the warmer days to come, skin’s moisture needs can vary daily. Whether [...]

Spray with us

A mist is an important, but often overlooked, step in your skincare routine.  Especially when you are using an oil as a moisturizer.  Think of it this way:  Oil and water don’t mix.  Our [...]


At KAHINA™, we have always made authenticity and transparency a cornerstone of our brand.  But we realize that sometimes our labels can still be confusing and ingredient lists hard to [...]