Argan Oil, The Kahina Difference

I’m just back from Morocco where I visited the argan forest and the women who produce our argan oil.  Droughts from the past seven years in Morocco are resulting in lower fruit yields for [...]

The Power of an Image

In this age of the ever-present selfie, it is hard to imagine a world where many people have never even seen a photograph of themselves. This is often the case in the remote villages of rural [...]

Help Save the Argan Forest

Despite preservation efforts, the argan forest has declined from 100 trees per hectare (approx. 2.5 acres) to 30 trees per hectare in less than a century according to a study presented during the [...]

KAHINA Helps Cooperative in Need

One of the challenges we face in our mission of giving back is to identify programs that will help the Berber women of the argan region in a meaningful way.  After numerous visits to the argan [...]

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