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A New Way to Use Kahina Cleanser

Kahina Facial Cleanser
This tip comes to us from a Kahina lover in Germany:

“Using 6-7 pumps (more than usual), massage Kahina Facial Cleanser into your dry skin until it almost dries out (your fingers will feel like they can’t glide anymore) and then it will break down into its oils. You should rinse with water at that point. You will be left with glowing, plump skin, thanks to the brightening qualities of the cleanser and the facial massage.”

We tried it and loved the results!

Help Save the Argan Forest

argan tree with goatsDespite preservation efforts, the argan forest has declined from 100 trees per hectare (approx. 2.5 acres) to 30 trees per hectare in less than a century according to a study presented during the World Congress on Agroforesty in Delhi in February. The forest, located in the Southwest of Morocco, covers about 870,000 hectares (2,175,000 acres).

Kahina is dedicated to the sustainable harvesting of the argan nuts, ensuring efforts to protect the trees and retain the raw material as an economic resource for the local community. We also support an initiative put forth by the High Atlas Foundation to plant community argan nurseries in the region. The High Atlas Foundation’s objective is to plant approximately 5,000 trees per village to improve the livelihoods of the local people and prevent the decline of the forest.  During the month of April, we will plant an argan tree for every bottle of Kahina Argan Oil sold on

The argan tree is known locally as the tree of life. According to Mohammed SghirTaleb, the researcher who presented the study, “The exploitation of argan is not sustainable.” You can help to protect this precious resource by purchasing argan oil from reputable suppliers that promise sustainable harvesting practices and by donating directly to the High Atlas Foundation at

HAF works to establish development projects in different parts of Morocco that local communities design and manage, and that are in partnership with government and non-government agencies. HAF uses a participatory development approach that includes beneficiaries as active partners in every step of the development process – from prioritizing development goals to project implementation and management to monitoring and evaluation.

Where to find Kahina Night Cream

Kahina Night Cream

Kahina Night Cream is available at the following US retailers as of March 2014:
Shen Beauty – Brooklyn, NY
abc home – New York, NY
New London Pharmacy – New York, NY
International Orange – San Francisco, CA
Vert Beauty – Denver, CO

Beauty Habit
O&N Collective
Beauty Bar

Kahina Night Cream is available at the following Canadian retailers:
Fresh Faced
Eco Diva Beauty
Sara Lindsay Makeup Studio

Ingredient Spotlight: Vitis Vinifera Grape Juice Extract

Kahina Night Cream - Vitis vinifera

Kahina Night Cream features high concentrations of vitis vinifera (grape juice) extract. Although this ingredient is inspired by Katharine’s time at her Napa Valley ranch, we source our grape juice extract from the Languedoc region in France.

What is grape juice extract and why is it special?
Grape juice extract is produced from resveratrol through a process that mimics a natural reaction with a fungus. It contains delta-viniferin, an antioxidant, in higher concentration than in actual grapes. Grape juice extract also has other polyphenols.

What benefits does grape juice extract have for your skin?
Grape juice extract preserves current skin health and helps defend against aging. One way it does this is by increasing the activity of enzymes that protect mitochondrial DNA, even after UV irradiation. Studies show a 66% boost in defense against MMP-1, which degrades collagen, and a 48% boost in defense against MMP-3, which degrades elastin. Using skin care products that contain grape juice extract – like Kahina Night Cream – will ultimately decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Ingredient Spotlight: Resveratrol

Kahina Night Cream

When Katharine set out to create an advanced anti-aging moisturizer, she knew immediately she wanted resveratrol to be a key active. She had witnessed firsthand the hardiness of grape vines, thanks to the vines’ production of resveratrol during times of environmental stress like bacterial or fungal attack. Though resveratrol has been the subject of studies relating to heart health, resveratrol has important skin benefits as well.

What is resveratrol?
Resveratrol is a phyto-nutrient that defends against inflammation by stopping the peroxidation process.

What form of it is used in Kahina Night Cream?
Our resveratrol is listed as “pichia/resveratrol ferment”; it is extracted using a yeast (pichia pastoris). The benefit of this extraction process is a very small molecule that is bioavailable and readily penetrates skin for maximum efficacy.

Why incorporate resveratrol into your skincare regimen?
Resveratrol has been shown to significantly downregulate cyclooxygenase, a key indicator of inflammation. Inflammation contributes to physical signs of aging. Resveratrol also upregulates collagen IV, which over time promotes elasticity and produces a microlifting of the skin. In a 28-day trial using pichia/resveratrol ferment, participants reported a noticeable improvement in fine lines and skin tone. Kahina Night Cream contains the same concentration that was used in the study.

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Kahina Night Cream: FAQ

Kahina Night Cream

Q: How do I use Kahina Night Cream?
A: Spread a thin layer over a clean face. See this post on how to incorporate Night Cream into your existing routine. Bonus: apply to neck and décolletage too.

Q: Can I use it during the day?
A: While formulated to be used in the evening while your skin is regenerating, there’s no reason you can’t use Kahina Night Cream during the day.

Q: How is it different from Kahina Facial Lotion? Do I need both?
A: Our Facial Lotion is unscented, fairly lightweight, and does not contain actives like resveratrol or grape extract. Kahina Facial Lotion is meant to moisturize and hydrate, but it is not specifically formulated to treat signs of aging. You’ll find Kahina Night Cream has a somewhat thicker texture (though by no means is it heavy!) and is pleasantly scented. Plus you have actives like resveratrol, grape juice extract, and melissa extract. We use both products – Facial Lotion for a matte daytime moisturizer, and Night Cream for a richer nighttime treatment. We wouldn’t layer them.

Q: What does it smell like?
A: If you’ve smelled our Brightening Serum, it’s very similar – light and a little floral, but by no means strong, overpowering or long-lasting – we don’t like that here. A little bonus: the scent blend contains calming lemon balm which has been shown to help you get your Zzzs.

Q: I really don’t like creams in jars. Don’t they get contaminated and expire faster? Will you please package this with a pump?
A: If you don’t like your skincare in a jar, we hear you — this might not be the product for you. We do testing on all of our products to make sure they can maintain their integrity (i.e. not get all germy) during normal usage. Night Cream passed the test. That said, use it up in six months, scoop product with a clean finger, and don’t expose it to water or extreme temperatures. And sorry guys – this one’s in a jar, and it’s staying in one.

Q: Can I use this while pregnant?
A: Please discuss this with your doctor. And congratulations!

Q: How can I get a sample?
A: Three ways: 1) order our Sample Pack 2) with any order on (for a limited time only and subject to availability) 3) check with your preferred Kahina retailer. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for full-sized products on

Have any questions you’d like to see answered? Email us at

Kahina Night Cream: Your Nightly Ritual

How to Use Kahina Night Cream

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to incorporate Kahina Night Cream into your evening skincare ritual:

1. Cleanse – Kahina Facial Cleanser
2. Tone – Kahina Toning Mist
3. OPTIONAL: Serums/Oils
4. Moisturize – Kahina Night Cream

If you have a favorite treatment serum or oil, you can layer that before Kahina Night Cream, but it’s not necessary. That said, we particularly like the combination of Serum + Night Cream for the ultimate anti-aging duo; dry/mature skin types would benefit the most from using these two together.  Night Cream should be the last thing you apply.

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Introducing Kahina Night Cream

Kahina Night Cream

As some of you might know, I was raised on a vineyard in the Napa Valley, Vine Hill Ranch. The profound respect I gained for the importance of the quality of the grapes to make superior wine dramatically affected my approach in the development of Kahina Giving Beauty, recognizing that the end product is only as good as the ingredients within. Additionally, my respect for the protective and restorative power of the wine grape has been gained witnessing the powerful defenses of grapes against decay first hand.

After more than two years in development, I am thrilled to launch the newest member of the Kahina line. KAHINA NIGHT CREAM combines the powerful anti-aging properties of red wine grapes with argan oil, and bridges my worlds past and present.

Katharine at Napa Vineyard
At my family’s ranch, riding in the front, with my mother, father, and sister, c. 1963

Active ingredients in high concentrations for clinically proven results include:

  • Resveratrol – a natural antioxidant found in red wine inhibits inflammation while stimulating collagen production to smooth, firm and lift.
  •  Argan Oil – found only in the Southwest of Morocco, rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, restores elasticity and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting against environmental aging.
  • Vitis Vinifera Extract – delivers an effective dose of antioxidants with potent polyphenols to preserve skin health and protect it against signs of aging.

We call this an anti-aging cream. For us at Kahina, anti-aging means taking care of your skin and keeping it as healthy as it can possibly be.  Your skin will thank you by being (and looking and feeling) its best self.

I hope you love this new addition as much as I do.

- Katharine L’Heureux, founder

All About Kahina Serum

Kahina Serum

This winter has started with a bang – we’re now into our second polar vortex and looking at about a foot of snow in Manhattan today. The heat is cranking inside, and when we do venture out, the cold and wind numb what areas of skin we have exposed. Many customers ask what the difference between our Serum and our Argan Oil is, and given our current weather conditions, it’s an opportune time to discuss these two products and when and how to use Kahina Serum. Hint: it’s a winter-time must for us!  Here are some key points about our Serum that will help you decide if it’s right for you.

1. Kahina Serum is a rich blend of oils, including high concentrations of argan oil. Our Serum is thicker and heavier than argan oil alone. Do you find that your skin is drinking up argan oil and you’re applying more and more as the weather gets colder/dryer? It’s the right time to switch to Serum. Emollient oils like sea buckthorn and pomegranate will help your skin feel more moisturized with less product.  Its superior moisturizing properties are part of why we highly recommend Serum during winter months, or any time you’re prone to dryness (travel, anyone?).

2. Kahina Serum contains a broad spectrum of antioxidants and vitamins. If anti-aging is high on your list of skincare goals, you should incorporate our Serum into your routine. Argan oil is high in vitamin E, sea buckthorn seed oil contains vitamin C, while carrot seed oil has vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Pomegranate, coffee berry, and argan oil provide antioxidant benefits. Ultimately, there are many ways to address skin aging, but two key goals are 1) preventing micro-inflammation (antioxidants assist in this) and 2) making sure your skin is adequately moisturized (incorporate emollient oils and Toning Mist).

3. We formulated the Serum to be healing and calming, regenerating and restorative. Many ingredients work toward this end, including rosemary, bisabolol (an incredibly soothing ingredient derived from German chamomile), and pomegranate. The formulation as a whole is meant to protect from oxidative damage occurring in the first place, but also repair existing damage. Oxidative damage deforms cells and disturbs cell functioning, the effects of which you experience as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity (collagen/elastin).  Using Kahina Serum can help offset the aging effects of exposure to pollution and UV rays.

4. Appreciate aromatherapy in your skincare products? While we love that Kahina Argan Oil is unscented, we wanted to incorporate a greater sensory experience with our Serum. To that end, we’ve included a blend of essential oils that give our Serum a unique scent with notes of ylang ylang, myrhh, rosemary, lavender, and chamomile. They don’t just smell amazing; these steam-distilled oils have their own skincare benefits: soothing, regenerating, and antiseptic/antibacterial.


  • Do you have both Argan Oil and Serum? Don’t apply both at the same time – you don’t need to! Since the Serum contains argan oil, you’d be doing double duty. You can, however, apply one during the day, and one at night.
  • We recommend Serum as a nighttime treatment since it is reparative and your skin is doing just that as you sleep. If your skin is particularly dry, feel free to use Serum as a day and night moisturizer/treatment.
  • To start, use just a few drops and make sure your skin is absorbing it properly. If your face feels oily after a few minutes, you’ve applied too much.
  • Using a water-based layer (we recommend our Toning Mist) before and after application also helps the Serum absorb.
  • One other way to incorporate the Serum into your routine is to add a drop or two to a cream or lotion moisturizer, mixing them in the palm of your hand. Voila! You’ve fortified your moisturizer, adding vitamins, antioxidants, and making it even more moisturizing.

Leave a comment or email us at if you have any questions we can answer.

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